At CIY.Club, we host clubs and camps during the after-school, weekend and break periods, where kids come together to learn, train and master technology.


Throughout our sessions, we focus on topics for all ages (7-17), opening the door to multiple streams of exciting content for young coders ranging from all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner coder or even a committed tech head, we coach you along your journey of technological discovery. All technology is supplied, with professional coach(es) at every session.


CIY.Club hosts weekly events for young coders to come and learn, train and master technology after school for 1-2 hours.

Learn the foundations underlying some of today’s most exciting areas of Technology! From Game Coding and Website Development to 3D Printing, Robotics or App Design, Coders are encouraged to follow their interests and embark on a journey to Learn, Train and Master skills for the future. Come and join your local club today!



This is where the path to the magical world of coding begins! Start with the basics and progress at your own pace.


For the more advanced kids, start with the fundamentals then select your chosen skill path as you become a champion of code.

At our CIY one-day school break sessions, children can come and turn their imaginations into technological reality with learning at all ability levels.​

Camps are a one-day (6 hour) session in the school break for young technology enthusiasts. 

Try out a CIY.Club school break camp to get an exciting snapshot of our CIY.Club. When you have discovered coding with our camps, move on to an after-school CIY.Club.

We run a selection of one-day camps in various tech skills. Please see below for our various camp offerings.



Learn the basics of computer coding and game creation. We teach you how to make your very first computer game and in just one day you will be able to put together a few different games using graphics and basic coding to make it interactive. You can take your games home and continue to develop them. Game Coding Camps are for beginners and intermediate coders alike, with content suitable for attendees to learn the foundations and design different games. Ages 7 – 17.



Learn the basics of 3D design. Coders get an exciting opportunity to experience a new technology that is changing the way we view, imagine and interact with the world. 3D printers can now print with 250 different materials, producing things like toys, houses, food, jewellery, cars, clothing, prosthetics and even jet engines are now in reach of our creative fingertips! We show you how to move and stretch shapes into bigger, more complex objects. With a few tricks and tips, you will be creating amazing 3D things in just one day! Students take home their printed creation. Ages 7 – 17.



Imagine being able to design, create and customise your very own website using this excellent introductory day camp. Learn the basics of website design, a widely sought after skill in today’s tech age! We teach you how to design a website from scratch utilising one of today’s most engaging and popular design systems. You will be able to make your very own custom website and you will be able to load it in a browser. Design your own colours, images and menus whilst being introduced to the basics of website development. After just one day, your website can be fully functional. You can take your website home and continue to develop it. Ages 7 – 17.



This fun and unique full-day camp utilises the popular game Minecraft as a tool for learning. Join us within our custom-built CIY world, designed to provide a safe, controlled environment where children will participate in engaging hands-on challenges that require engineering, planning, teamwork, communication, problem solving and creative thinking.

Our Coaches will use each challenge activity as an opportunity to explore how to act responsibly on an online platform, identify and reward examples of teamwork, discuss conflict resolution techniques and also expose them to topics within the digital technologies landscape.  Ages 8-17.

We provide the Minecraft account (education edition) to you for the duration of the event.

Have you discovered your favourite camp?

Why CIY?

Learning new and emerging areas of technology is not only fun and engaging, it also helps to develop our young coders in a number of significant areas, having an overall positive impact on their future.

Founded by ScopeIT Education, CIY.Club has grown its reach and now includes a community of coders coming from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States. Our team in the United States is based within Kansas City, Missouri and is passionate about education and technology.


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